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Rory Ridge Rescue

Rory Ridge Rescue Inc is named after Rory, its first inhabitant and the Rescue’s mascot. Rory Ridge Rescue Inc. (RRR) is a 501C3 nonprofit equine rescue organization located in Templeton, PA. Rory was a yearling that had such defeat in her eyes that at that very moment it was known she needed to be saved . She has thrived in her years at Rory Ridge Rescue and welcomes everyone who comes to visit. The mission of Rory Ridge is to help prevent the unnecessary and inhumane slaughter of horses. Rory Ridge achieves its mission by pulling horses from “kill pens” and bringing them to the rescue for evaluation, rehabilitation, training and placement into adoptive homes. RRR also serves as a viable option for owners who can no longer care for their horse. Surrendering their horse to rescue, instead of sending them to auction, will help keep horses from entering the terribly inhumane slaughter pipeline. Please help us save more lives by becoming a monthly sponsor, volunteer, or much needed fosters.

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Rory Ridge Rescue Inc

Rory Ridge Rescue Inc

Rory Ridge Rescue is located in Western Pa. We rescue, rehab and rehome horses. We save horses that

Please go check out their site as they are listing more that are in need of homes. This one isn’t even a year old. Located in Texas ... See MoreSee Less
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Please please share and help buy purchasing. These moms and babies need immediate help. Located in Texas ... See MoreSee Less
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Located in Harmony PaLOCATED IN HARMONY PA ( just north of Pittsburgh)11/12 yr old Crossbred gelding, 16.3-17 hands. This guy is a monster and seems to be quiet and easy going. Road shoes on all four. Does have two big back ankles, travels fine on them but don’t imagine he’s going to hold up to pounding the pavement anymore. He did ride, very unsure so would say it was his first time. ... See MoreSee Less
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“Somewhere…somewhere in time’s own space 
There must be some sweet pastured place 
Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow
Some Paradise where horses go.
For by the love that guides my pen 
I know great horses live again.”

– Stanley Harrison