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If you are interested in adopting one of our rescues please click on the link and submit the application form below.

Adoption process

* Request or fill out an adoption application

* Fill out and send application back to approval team

*Once application is received our approval team will process

*Notification will be provided to applicant on approval or denied

*Contract will be sent to adopter ONLY for reviewing

*Discussions will be started on the available horses that match the adopter

*Time will be scheduled to visit the rescue and meet the horse(s) matched to that adopter.

*If and only if rescue and adopter feels there's a match then contract will be filled out and a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit will be made to Rory Ridge Rescue INC

*Rory Ridge Rescue will determine when each horse is ready to move to their new adoptive homes.(Some horses may have a deposit to hold until the horse has went through our rescue policy of health, vetting, farrier, dental, vaccines, micropchips and in near future freeze branding)

*Once Rory Ridge Rescue has determined when the adopted horse is ready to move to their new home it's now the responsibility of the adopter to make transport arrangements

*Pick up date has to be approved by Rory Ridge as we have a very busy schedule and will try our very best to work around pick up dates and times

*A reasonable amount of time will be given to adopter to make arrangements for pick up

*If a reasonable pick up time can't be arranged or owners aren't ready for the arrival of their new Rory Ridge horse then Rory Ridge will try to accommodate the stay at the rescue longer. There will be a daily fee $10 per horse until owner picks up. This is a set fee as not to use rescue funds on an adopted horse. Funding is very limited to our rescue and we try to provide the best we can and help as many horses as we can.

*If adopted horse is not picked up within 30 days of notice then the horse will be available to a new adopter. This is only fair as each horse awaits their new home and not fair to them to be forgotten by their new home. We want each of our horses here to get a forever home in a reasonable time. They deserve a good forever home. We care and love each as they are our own and hope the new adopter would have the same views as we do here at Rory Ridge.

*After adopted horse moves to their new home it's now the adopters responsibility to full fill a great forever home and abide by Rory Ridge contract.

*Pictures and home checks and vet checks can and will be asked for at anytime after each horse leaves our rescue.

Thank you for being interested in a RORY RIDGE RESCUE HORSE

Created by Rory Ridge Rescue Board