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Peanut and Jelly (formerly KC)

jelly and peanut

Status: Forever Home Found

Gender: Mare

Breed: Mini Horse

Age: 12

Height: Pony

Type of Home: Forever Home Found - Not For Adoption

Bio: Peanut takes a while to warm up to someone new. She was impossible to catch in the pasture at first but once she got to know you she loved to get your attention. She is inseparable with her best friend KC (who she was adopted out with) and gets loved on by two little boys. She is mom to little Roo, one of our sanctuary horses. KC (now renamed Jelly to fit with her best friend Peanut’s name) is the cutest little horse. She has the thickest, blackest mane that would always blow in the wind! She was adopted out with Peanut and has two little boys to give her all the attention she could ever want. She is mom to Remy, one of our sanctuary horses.